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Division on the basis of ideological loyalty to an economic platform has been one of the largest issues facing the new development of the new Australian nationalist movement. Given the origins of our movement is often found in the dregs of Libertarianism; There’s oftien fierce conflict on the issues of economic policy between the new-Nationalists and the old or traditional-Nationalists.

Australia deserves better from us; Nationalists need to learn to put aside their economic differences and learn to unite for our first and foremost goal: A White Australia.

Racial integrity is absolutely irreversible; if we are weak and divided because of our economic differences in time there will be nothing left worth defending: If All Nationalists learn to treat each-other with respect with regards to ideological differences regarding economics: We shall be an unstoppable force, unified in our advocacy for a racially and culturally homogeneous Australia.


So next time before you start a fight over Economics; pat him on the back and agree to disagree: Once we have driven the foreign hordes from our shores; then we can be free to punch each-other in the nose for economic issues.

M. K. Grant
EYL President


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Why Young Nationalism in Australia must stay the course towards healthy and decent Australian Nativism, and not Pseudo-Germanophilic National Socialism

In my correspondence with young Nationalist circles across the country I have found an enormous and sometimes painful lack of historical knowledge regarding the Australian traditions, What exactly our Identity is, where it got started and who the men where who defended it: This simple lack of knowledge is an absolutely innocent sin given the knowledge that the Global media, including the “new right’s” media has overwhelmed and knocked down any historical sentiment of the Australian form, sure there is a bastion here and there – but in reality most of what we young Australian Nationalists had started off in learning is straight from George Lincoln Rockwell’s “This Time the World” or a nice Saturday BBQ with “The Greatest Story Never Told” or to the more newish members of the movement, it was more likely a Donald Trump to The Dingoes pathway of worldview.

For this reason; We had never picked up the tools and historical knowledge that was left to us by OUR forebears. Unless you’re a German or a Yankee or Dixieland Rebel; the history of other countries: whilst important of course; should never take precidence over the importance of the history of our very own founders:

What some may not realise; is Racial Nationalism is in the VERY DNA of Australianism. Whereas in the United States and in Europe, Racial politics was very much a shortlived idealism of the 20th century in most cases. Australianism on the other hand, grew out of the middle of the 19th Century; during the times when Asians poured into this country from every which nation in the Pacific.

When white men in Queensland were driven out of work due to Materialistically inclined Capitalists importing cheap Kanakka(Islander) workers from the sea to make a larger profit margin on Sugar.

When the Chinese flooded the goldfields, and soonafter dominated most manufacturing industries in Victoria.


The connection to the soil which our forefathers cultivated and spilled their own lives and limbs for has now been split in half by the Globalist media forces that surround us; on every hand we see Young Australians more engaged in the politics of the United States than we do of our own country “Because its boring” they say: Rubbish!

Australian history is full of the most glorious tales of the racial nationalist struggle. Whether it was at the Eureka Rebellion or the Lambings Flats Rebellions in which White men stood together for a whole new idealism, a Nationally-orientated, racial communitarianism.

From there was the march to federation; Following the Henry Parkes ban on Chinese Immigration, and the Victorian ban, both states found difficulty dealing with the fact that Chinese immigrants were still pouring in through South Australia.

A Common Border ! A federal Government to control all immigration, and keep it White too!

The very first bill which was brought before the newly formed Australian Federal Government was infact the Immigration Restriction Bill of 1901; in which our Prime Minister Edmund Barton spoke at lengths to defend.

” I need make no apology for calling this one of the most important matters with regard to the future of Australia that can engage the attention of this House, nor can I emphasize too strongly the necessity that those who desire legislation in this direction should endeavour to put aside their minor differences, in order to secure the acceptance and passage of a law which will be in the main effective for its purposes.”

We were struggling among ourselves for supremacy in a world which we thought of as destined to belong to the Aryan races and to the Christian faith ; to the letters and arts and charm of social manners which we have inherited from the best times of the past. We shall wake to find ourselves elbowed and hustled, and perhaps even thrust aside by peoples whom we looked down upon as servile, and thought of as bound always to minister to our needs. The solitary consolation will be that the changes have been inevitable.

Is that not something to guard against ? I do not pretend to say that there is any immediate danger of that kind, but unless we are careful dangers of that kind are inevitable as time goes on. I do not want to exaggerate them in any way. I do not want to pretend that unless we pass this Bill today we shall have these people coming in in such volume as to overflow and throng our marts, our fields, and all places of our industry. But it is enough that if we do not take action and take it speedily, both the commercial and industrial difficulties of this kind of labour will be growing tendencies which we shall one day repent our not having checked. These are not new opinions of mine ; I have expressed them over and over again, and hold them as strongly, and I think even more strongly, with reference to the prevention of certain Asiatic influxes, as I did when a youth.

Now; How does that compare to a speech by Donald Trump? Still not interesting enough?

How about the words of The Father of Australia himself, Henry Parkes:

“For a generation – long before some of the men who are listening to me took any part whatever in public life – and. at all times, I have opposed the introduction of Chinese upon these, as I conceive, national, and to a large extent, philosophical grounds. I maintain that in a country like New South Wales it is our duty to preserve the type of the British nation, and that we ought not, for any consideration whatever, to admit any element that would detract from, or in any appreciable degree lower, that admirable type of nationality. ”

“if this young nation is to maintain the fabric of its liberties unassailed and unimpaired, it cannot admit into its population any element that of necessity must be of an inferior nature and character. In other words, I have maintained at all times that we should not encourage or admit amongst us any class of persons whatever whom we are not prepared to advance to all our franchises, to all our privileges as citizens, and all our social rights, including the right of marriage. I maintain that no class of persons should be admitted here, so far as we can reasonably exclude them, who cannot come amongst us, take up all our rights, perform on the ground of equality all our duties, and share in our august and lofty work of founding a free nation.”

Perhaps from the Labor party; James Stewart:

We have coloured people in every State, or about 100,000 in all Australia. They are coming into Western Australia in large numbers ; they are in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland, and I believe there are a few in Tasmania. Given the necessary opportunity, in the course of events we shall have a coloured problem here just as dangerous to the welfare of the Commonwealth as is the position which faces the people of the United States.

We do not desire to keep out these coloured people simply because they are inferior to us, but because for racial, social and economic reasons we cannot permit them safely to enter. With regards to race, we cannot mix with them. There is no natural affinity between them and us. If an attempt were made to confide them and us within one bottle, so to speak, one or the other must be precipitated to the bottom. A compacted homogenous community cannot be formed out of such heterogenous compounds. The thing ought not to be attempted, because it is. absolutely impossible.

With regards to the social aspect of the question, these people are brought up under institutions entirely different from ours. Their religion, position and customs are different;

I should be a traitor to my country, to my race and to those of our ancestors who have conferred benefits upon us, if I were a party to anything which would allow these Asiatics to come here and destroy at one fell swoop all the efforts of centuries. For these reasons I think, we are all agreed that the coloured man must be kept out, whether he is Japanese, a Chinaman or an African.

This is really a matter of life and death to the Australian people.

It was almost an entire unanimous vote for the passing of the Immigration restriction bill; and for the following 72 years it would be a struggle to the death between firm men who were Australianists at heart and weak, debauched crooks who fetishised alienism.

For the better part of the century; it was the Australian Labor Party who were the foremost, staunch defenders of the White Australia Policy ( as it had become known ) – Arthur Calwell always at the head of the spear to defend Australianism as we know it today.

White Australia

Arthur Calwell, the leader of the Australian Labor Party and a hero for all Australian Nativists spoke clearly about the importance of a WHITE Australia:

“There is no evidence, anywhere on the face of the earth, that great aggregations of peoples of widely differing culture and ideals can live together in one community in peace and mutual prosperity.”

Underlying the White Australia Policy is no suggestion of racial superiority; It began as a posiitve aspiration, and from it has resulted in a united race of freedom-loving Australians who can inter-marry and associate without the disadvantages that inevitably result from the fusion of dissimular races; we are a united people who share the same loyalties, the same outlook and the same traditions.

If Australians are ever foolish enough to open their gates in a significant way to people other than Europeans; they will soon find themselves fighting desperately to stop the nation from being flooded by hordes of non-integratables.

He among other heroes such as Alfred Deakin, William Lane, William Spence, King O’Malley, Jack Beasley and MANY others were the foreward voice for the White Australian people; having gone through approximately 120 years of a battle for White Australia; the battle never ends.

We’ve been let down by the last few generations; but that is only a small fraction of time in the grand struggle for a White and Free Australia.

So perhaps before you go wearing a swastika armband and pick up a copy of Mein Kampf; you should first consider reading the words of our forefathers first: These men who through their own devices managed to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. ( For about 120 years anyway )

Suggested Reading Includes:

“Be Just and Fear Not” Arthur A. Calwell

“National Life and Character” Charles H. Pearson

“White Australia, SAVED Australia” Jack Lang

“Fifty Points for an Australia-First Party after the war.” Percy Stephensen

And let us not forget; the never-ending resources found on the National Library’s Trove database.

Hope you enjoyed the read, and were perhaps persuaded by it slightly.

God bless.

M. K. Grant
EYL President

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Alfred W Eustace

Appeasement; Or in the context of Australian Nationalism: Lies

Racially-based Nationalism like ours is evidently a ferociously spooky topic to talk about; not only do you invoke the risk of legal punishment by the application of the anti-discrimination act: But you too invoke the risk of social ostricism; given such topics are socially frowned upon by the sum result of media/government indoctrination of the Australian people.

We have no intention of going into the public with a ‘moderated’ message of civic nationalism, or the wonders of homosexuality or the ‘righteous’ cause of zionism or the progressive greatness of race mixing.

When you truly value the ideal of a White, Moral Australia; you cannot effectively see to its revival; By selling a message of ‘anti-racism’ and radical tolerance to immorality – Even whilst simeltaneously fighting a righteous cause: ie; Islamic immigration – you have infact created a brand new movement that truly believes in the things you have said; this includes the ‘anti-racist’ rhetoric you have chanted to try and prove how ‘un-racist’ you are.

If you raise up an army of ‘anti-racist’ ; ‘pro-tolerance’ civic patriots; and then you decide now is the hour to convert them into true Australian Nationalists; you will have to unpeel that branded facemask you were wearing that had the big word “non-racist” on it; When people see the true face under the mask, they will be disgusted and angry in the knowledge that they had been led into such hardship by a person who was lying about the topics of Racism and Immorality straight to their face.

If you believe these people CAN ONLY be sold the message of ‘anti-racism’ then you will never build a White Australia with them anyway; unless you believe a non-islamic mud-blooded homosexual dystopia is a noble version of a Moral White Australia that you should try create to avoid being called a ‘racist nazi bigot’

It does not take a majority to win; Only an Honest and Courageous minority settled on fighting the battle for a White Australia

It does not take a majority to win; Only an Honest and Courageous minority settled on fighting the battle for a White Australia



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Race-Mixing; the Crime against God, Humanity and Civilisation

The face of dissapointment

The face of dissapointment

Recent times have revealed unto us some very interesting trends indeed; although it appears whites still maintain a natural trend to prefer dating with their own race in some cases ( Thank God! ) ; there seems to be more and more efforts to change this natual, and healthy trend:

Recently it seems SBS; the semi-taxpayer funded organisation ran by two foreigners; one a homosexual and one of them a muslim: are in the works to launch a branch new treasure amonst the elitist anti-white media machine.

The new TV Documentary Series “Date My Race”; Which right from the title itself seems quite interested in promoting and normalising the absolute savage act of Miscegenation.

Why Race Mixing is sick and evil:

From an entirely secular point of view; in light of simple common sense understanding of statistics and sociology; We can claim in absolute confidence the following facts:

  • Mongrelised children can never fully identify as a member of one particular race; inevtiably meaning their loyalties will always be of question and they will find increased difficulty of embracing the culture of that race.
  • Mongrelised children can never be part of a racially homogenous society; given their physical appearance is so far different; the natural tendency to form a common identity is far removed; not only harming the child at hand; but the greater community at large.
  • Mongrelised chilren have far greater statistical chances of growing up with a mental illness like autism
  • Wholesale mongrelisation of a nation will absolutely destroy their adherence to their cultural, racial traditions; leading from the Karl Marx quote: “Take away a nation’s heritage and they are more easily persuaded”

Race Mixing; is the manifestation of self-indulgence – just as homosexuality; the Race Mixer will fulfill their own sexual desires at no consideration to the cost it will charge the nation or the well-being of their very own mongrelised children.

Drive this badboy around and show the other lads how you feel on the race mixing issue

Drive this badboy around and show the other lads how you feel on the race mixing issue


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Flag and Cross

Extracting from the National Presidents upcoming text: “The Flag and Cross: Christian Nationalism for White Australia”

Christianity, for the last few decades has been argued and distorted by a wide variety of forces and influences, and indeed it has become the ‘most universalist religion on earth’ at least – in the eyes of those who have no idea what the content of the holy gospel is.

True, any man of any race can obtain salvation in Christ – his soul redeemed and his pathway to the kingdom of Heaven assured: This however, does not mean in the slightest sense; that members of the Hamitic/Coloured race can live amongst those of the White race!

Hamites? What are they? – The gospel teaches clearly that the world we know was spawned by the descendants of Shem, Ham and Japhet. The commonly understood Christian doctrine for many years, is that Ham bore the coloured races as a consequence of his marriage with women descended of Cain; Cain being the first man who obtained dark skin , as described in in Genesis 4:15 ; It is thereby understood, from the perspective of biblical creation; that all those with dark skin are descended directly or indirectly from Cain.

Japhet and Shem is a well misunderstood topic and relationship, and it is here many misleading quotes can be taken from the gospel to imply a semblance of universalism. In Paul’s letter to Galatia, it is written: There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus – there is nothing misleading here, Paul was implying an equality between Jews ( Judeans ) and Greeks, who we know were descended of Japhet; both members of the White, non-Hamitic race.  

Note, nowhere in the gospel of Christ is any kind of equality implied between Whites ( Shemites, and Japhetians ) – infact the opposite is the case: When Christ is approached by a Canaanite ( Hamitic woman ) in Matthew 15:24, The Canaanite begs for Christ’s help; to which he responds “I am not sent but unto the house of Israel, Is it wise to take the bread of a child and cast it to dogs?”  to which she begged further to his submission “O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt.” – What exactly does this passage tell us?; firstly that Christ treats Hamites with low regards and thereby inequality, and secondly that any race can be rescued by the saving faith in Christ.

It’s not hard to thereby establish the misleading nature of the gospel from beyond the words of Christ, for it is very internationalist in its message of salvation in Christ; and rightfully so. But too is it vehement in its message regarding multi-racialism.

Romans 3:31 reads clearly: “Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid: yea, we establish the law!” Paul here concludes the new covenant of faith does not void the laws of the prophets that had not been directly changed by Christ. Acts 10 may allow us to eat Bacon, but it has no mention of intermarriage between races.

Christians, even those who consider themselves right-wing or even nationalists, still struggle with the issue of race-mixing in the bible: it has been commonly preached and taught by insidious preachers and priests that there is no mention of race-mixing in the gospel: How wrong they are! – they seem to teach that Deuteronomy 7 is a clause against inter-religious marriages.

Deuteronomy 7 reads: “When the Lord thy God shall bring thee into the land whither thou goest to possess it, and hath cast out many nations before thee, the Hittites, and the Girgashites, and the Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites, seven nations greater and mightier than thou;

 And when the Lord thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor shew mercy unto them:

Neither shalt thou make marriages with them; thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son.” The First thing which must be understood, is all of the nations mentioned are infact descended of Ham. Secondly, the intermarriage law makes no mention to race or ‘seed’! : this is where most preachers stop reading and are sure to never read the book of Ezra!

The prophet Ezra writes  “For they have taken of their daughters for themselves, and for their sons: so that the holy seed have mingled themselves with the people of those lands: yea, the hand of the princes and rulers hath been chief in this trespass. And when I heard this thing, I rent my garment and my mantle, and plucked off the hair of my head and of my beard, and sat down astonied.”   Well now this is a different story indeed, this is specific to the bloodline of the Israelites. Oh and it doesn’t stop there!

Ezra writes in Chapter 2, Verse 59: “And these were they which went up from Telmelah, Telharsa, Cherub, Addan, and Immer: but they could not shew their father’s house, and their seed, whether they were of Israel ….. These sought their register among those that were reckoned by genealogy, but they were not found: therefore were they, as polluted, put from the priesthood.”  Clearly now, preachers too can only be of the chosen seed; Absolutely not those of people of mixed-race or direct descendance from Ham.

Paul interestingly enough adds more to the Nationalist message of the gospel in “And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation” ; this speaks clearly that all men are descended of Adam, and the boundaries/borders of their habitation are set by God. That is to say, people breaching natural borders are in violation of the law of God.

Ofcourse this will arouse the question regarding, who exactly are the Modern Jewry? Stay tuned: For they are not of Jacob or Israel, but they of Esau/Edom!

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As George Orwell once wrote in ‘1984’ (a book that seems to have become ANTIFA’s manual), “War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength.” Oh, the notorious ANTIFA. Those who see themselves as “social liberators”, “freedom fighters” and whatnot, whom actually work to enforce a regime similar to that which George Orwell wrote about: Ingsoc. To see the comparison, all that you have to do is look at their message, their goals, and their activities, and it becomes painstakingly obvious that the organisation and partisan group “ANTIFA” are all that they pretend their enemies are: fascists.

As taken from their website,

Our goals are:

  • Inform the public about fascism;
  • Promote opposition to fascism;
  • Defend the working class and their organisations from fascist attack;
  • Fight against fascism and the society which produces it: capitalism.

Here’s the first discrepancy in their rhetoric – they’re blatantly Marxists. They portray themselves as anti-fascists in public, yet they prove that their only motive for the discouragement of other forms of speech from that which they deem acceptable is to further institute the Marxist and Leninist ideologies that have plagued not only Australia, but Europe and the western world as a whole for several decades. Regimes responsible for the collective deaths of 65 million of their own people, simply due to their inability to recognise that their system of government was a failed form of control created by globalists who wish to control a race of international gentiles.

ANTIFA in every way are globalist Marxists – and they even take on the appearance of the “fascist thugs” that they claim their enemies to be! Apart from this, they prove themselves to be anti-social anarchists and willing ignorant degenerates whom have no dignity, let alone respect, for the police officers and average Australians whom maintain order in the streets and whom they attempt to reach with their message respectively.

The ANTIFA scourge claim all their enemies as fascists, all those who dare oppose their 1984 reminiscent ‘newspeak’, or as we know it: political correctness. Think about it:

  • Removal of words that promote dissidence
  • Punishment for those who do not conform to the stated form and type of speech
  • Use of new language to shape public opinion and shift further into a complacent society

Next, we move onto the concept of doublethink. Once again, something that we can see in the gentile partisans that call themselves ANTIFA. Their view of fascism is a society in nobody holds any control of their lives, and in which oppression is rampant. On the other hand, without a second thought they wish to remove control of one’s own speech, and believe that those with different opinions must be suppressed.

Inside of ANTIFA, doublethink is also rampant. They are composed of anarchists and socialists, both of whom wish to censor dissident speech (why on earth are there anarchists then?).

On the 10th year anniversary of the Cronulla riots, 20-30 ANTIFA members reportedly surrounded a woman who was draped in an Australian flag whilst shouting “Take that fascist flag off now” (1)

As of that moment, it was clear that ANTIFA are still now what they were in the 1930s: the militant branch of communism. Whilst the mainstream Jewish and Global Marxist media were busy reporting on the “racist” anti-Islam protests performed by the United Patriots’ Front, ANTIFA were the ones on film attacking not only the clearly peaceful UPF protestors but the police too. However, this did not prevent the media from portraying the UPF as a violent hate group.

So then we must ask ourselves, as White Australians: why are they portrayed as the ‘good guys’ by the media?

This is a simple question with an even simpler answer – because the media stands against us. The media is controlled. They refer to ANTIFA as “anti-racist” whilst we are referred to as “racists” “xenophobes” “islamophobes” or “nazis” – Funnily enough, these words possess no substance. Do not let words with no meaning used to make our argument seem inferior simply because they have labelled it a “phobia” or an “ism”. These people have no understanding of the world, and as such they must resort to ad-hominem attacks.

They may see us as people filled with hate, but we may take refuge in the knowledge that they are those who possess true hatred: Hatred for one’s nation, for one’s heritage, for one’s skin colour and for one’s culture.




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A White Australia

The ideal of a White Australia; a National community secured by the fervent sense of belonging and duty you may only find by membership in the same racial distinction.

Why are we honest about our beliefs?: We believe honesty is the only way to succeed in our goals; We cannot compete in a ‘championship of deciet’ with those internationalist elites and their puppets whom Christ called ‘The Fathers of Lies’:

We too cannot create an everlasting White Australia, if we do not manage to convince the Australian people of its real implications, benefits and motivations: By misleading them, we not only break their trust – but we too fail to create a society that defends itself against anti-white agitation which is inevitable in the future.

We must be clear in our goals and beliefs: We believe in a White Australia not because we hate other races and cultures, but because we believe in creating the most fervent sense of nation-wide community by ensuring a common sense of identity and belonging, We believe in our commonwealths democratic process: which can only exist in harmony when its catering to a single cultural/racial/religious tradition, instead of trying to juggle and negotiate between many, We believe in preventing racial tension and hate-mongering which is an inevtiable result to the multiracial fantasy and finally We believe in the maintenace of the purity of our European race; meaning all of us have a common heritage and set of traditions without mixed loyalties or lack of identity.

We of course do not expect everyone to accept these beliefs at face value: But this is something, we certainly will change.


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We, as one of the last generations of white, European Australians, have a purpose and a duty to our nation and people. As the media, consistently controlled by communists and headed by the Jews across the western world, continues to push an agenda of interracial marriage and breeding upon our peoples, we have a duty to push back.

An agenda is currently being forced upon the next generation – one that has never been thrust upon us with as great a deal of force as we see now in the media. The collective of ideals that force Australia’s children to betray their home, people and family come in a wide variety of forms, ranging from subtle advertisements featuring mixed race couples all the way to blatant promotion, i.e. the German government’s sex guide for “Syrian refugees”, of whom only 1/3rd are from Syria and hardly any are legitimate refugees.

The issue comes not from the existence of other races – but rather the destruction of race and the destruction of our people, as millennials and coming Australian and other European generations succumb to the influence of the media and interbreed, creating an ultimate race of gentiles, devoid of any cultural heritage, pride or love of their own people. We, as white Australians, with our own heritage, our own pride, our own culture, must not succumb to the overwhelming influences of the mainstream media – and forefront, must not give up on our mission to sustain the Australia that we know today, however hard the task may appear at first.

The will of our people is stronger than that of the controlled media. We, as a people, and we as members of the Eureka Youth League must utilise the will which we have been gifted with to sustain our people and our nation.

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The future is ours, We are the final generation of young Australians of majority European descent. The demographic crisis that Australia will face in the coming years will be the greatest political movement of our generation – put aside issues of economy or social cause – this issue of multi-racialism will be the key factor in the future of Australia.

The Eureka Youth League holds no prejudice or dislike of other races and cultures, quite the contrary – we believe in the survival of the identity of all races and nations upon the earth; no matter the colour of the skin or the characteristics of their race. We believe that Australia has been the target of a relentless campaign for profit and political capital; Led by an army of greedy, Godless men in the shadows.

Politicians wish to import enourmous quantities of coloured migrants from Asia, Africa and the Middle East in the primary interest of voting cards; The Liberal Party benefits from Asian migration as they on average vote Liberal. Labor the same case with Africans and Edomites. The political class invites these people with no regard for its effects on the Australian Community; It’s a well established fact that diversity decreases the community dimension ( Social Capital ) of any nation.

Capitalists wish to import enourmous quantities of coloured migrants from Asia, Africa and the Middle East in the primary interest of profit; by the importing of people from poor third world countries, they find a workforce who are willing to work at wages and conditions far below what is considered a decent Australian standard. This way, the most greedy and wealthy of the Australian population profit enourmously from the destruction of the Australian working man’s tradition – hard work and decent wages.

Communists wish to import enourmous quantities of coloured migrants from Asia, Africa and the Middle East in the primary interest of social disorder and violence, These groups in Australia such as the Communist Party, Socialist Alternative, Socialist Alliance – benefit from the political capital they find when organising “anti-racism” or “pro-refugee” demonstrations. Where previously their message was almost unheard and impossible to spread: they find hundreds if not thousands of ordinary Australians with a bleeding heart – flocking into the environment from which Communists find easily persuaded recruits and donators to their causes.

The Eureka Youth League therefore does see: It truly is the Australian People versus every other organised entity in Australia, a triumverate of Media, Capitalists, Communists and Politicians with the vested interest in importing millions of coloured migrants, no matter what the cost must be paid by the White Australian working man.


We desire a return to the founding article of the Australian Commonwealth: A White, Free and Federal Australia.

white aus

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