Charles H. Pearson
Australian Philosopher & Statesman.

The fear of Chinese immigration which the Australian democracy cherishes, and which Englishmen at home find it hard to understand, is, in fact, the instinct of self-preservation, quickened by experience.

We know that coloured and white labour cannot exist side by side; we are well aware that China can swamp us with a single year’s surplus of population; and we know that if national existence is sacrificed to the working of a few mines and sugar plantations, it is not the Englishman in Australia alone, but the whole civilised world, that will be the losers.

No one in California or Australia, where the effects of Chinese competition have been studied, has, I believe, the smallest doubt that Chinese labourers, if allowed to come in freely, could starve all the white men in either country out of it, or force them to submit to harder work and a much lower standard of wages.

In Victoria, a single trade, that of furniture-making, was taken possession of, and ruined for white men within the space of something like five years. Only two large employers excluded Chinamen altogether; and white men, where they were retained, were kept on only to supply a limited demand for the best kind of work.  Now, what Chinamen can do in Melbourne, where only the worst workmen go, and where these receive wages which would be thought high in China, Chinamen at home could do incomparably better, if they worked in establishments fitted up with the best machinery, and were directed by foremen knowing the European taste.

Does any one doubt that the day is at hand when China will have cheap fuel from her coal-mines, cheap transport by railways and steamers, and will have founded technical schools to develop her industries? Whenever that day comes, she may wrest the control of the world’s markets, especially throughout Asia, from England and Germany.

If there be any truth in Free Trade, it would be financially disastrous to England herself in the long run. Probably, however, it would be evaded, as regarded the East, by the establishment of Chinese factories upon English soil in some part of the Straits Settlements.

The resources of China are immense, the capacity of its people for toil is almost unlimited, and their wants are of the slenderest. The great mass of the people lives ascetically, and retains its habits, even when it is thrown among wasteful races like the English of America and Australia, who despise and distrust asceticism. The organisation of labour appears to be largely in the hands of employers, who maintain their ascendency by murder.

We may assume all this to be modified, but we cannot assume the change to be so sudden and complete that Chinese industry will conform to the standards of the western world. What is true of the Chinese is true more or less of Hindoos and negroes. A hundred years hence when these races, which are now as two to one to the higher, shall be as three to one; when they have borrowed the science of Europe, and developed their still virgin worlds, the pressure of their competition upon the white man will be irresistible. He will be driven from every neutral market and forced to confine himself within his own.

Ultimately he will have to conform to the Oriental standard of existence, or, and this is the probable solution, to stint the increase of population. If he does this by methods that are inconsistent with morality, the very life-springs of the race will be tainted. If he does it by a patient self-restraint that shows itself in a limitation to late marriages, national character will be unimpaired, but material decline will have commenced. With civilisation equally diffused, the most populous country must ultimately be the most powerful; and the preponderance of China over any rival—even over the United States of America—is likely to be overwhelming.

Large armies, large towns, and large national debts are said to be causes of national decline.—As nations increase, large armies will be more and more a necessity, even though statesmen may be pacific.—There are compensations to standing armies in the education given and the feelings called out by military training. Neither is war itself an unmixed evil The tendency of populations to concentrate in towns is becoming more and more marked.—

People flock to towns for work, for large profits, and because the growth of railways tends to concentrate business in a few large centres.—Beyond this, excitement, amusement, social intercourse, economy, are determining motives; and the townsman, once formed, contracts a dislike for country life. The conditions of life in large cities are unfavourable to the privacy and self-respect without which family life cannot grow to any perfection.

Social reforms may counteract some of the evils arising from this tendency, but cannot be a cure for all.—Women are special gainers by the great wealth and variety of amusement in towns.—Nevertheless, amusements in towns are not more intellectual than they were, but less so. The lecture has been killed by the book or newspaper; the higher drama by the novel.—It is only an apparent exception that the drama maintains itself in Paris, and that Ibsen has had a success of esteem.—The city music-hall is not appreciably superior to the city tavern.—The sordid frugality of a country population is due to its circumstances, and the changes imminent in city life are such as will naturally engender avarice.—National debts may be incurred for justifiable and good reasons.—Countries with great natural resources appear to be warranted in mortgaging their future, in order to develop their resources. There may, however, be periods of depression, even of decline for prosperous states.

Whether large armies, large cities, large debts are to ruin modern society, depends upon how we use the armies, how far we can neutralise town influences, and whether we allow the indebtedness to corrode national morality.


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Queens St, Brisbane

Australian youth today; Raised on the internet – finding truth in White Nationalism, the Jewish question and a desire to a return to moral tradition seem to fall from the sky in every town and city across the nation. For better or worse; these new and honestly-minded members of the movement have rarely opened a book on Australian history; nor have they been fortunate enough to stumble upon the most overwhelmingly popular tales of Australian political and cultural development.

Answering all of these things the Eureka Youth League stands: Planting the flag of Nativism in the soil: Australia has an identity, Australia has a culture and Australia absolutely has a political ideal system to which our forebears lost life, blood and sweat building and defending.

Billy Hughes the once prime minister of Australia and foremost the reflection of the character of the Australian people said: “We stand for the Empire; for a White Australia; for stable government by the duly elected representatives of the people. We set our faces resolutely against Government by secret juntas and forces outside Parliament. We are against Class legislation—whether it be in the interests of the Bolshevist or the Reactionary. We believe that only by the encouragement of land settlement can the country be developed and the drift to the great cities checked. We are for a vigorous policy of immigration based upon land settlement. We believe that only by a broad National policy can the Commonwealth be safely governed and fully developed.”

Australia, by virtue oAlfred W Eustacef its location was far-removed from Europe and its other colonies; ensured the Australian people had such a degree of cultural sovereignty that their traditions and even language could develop: The Australian Culture we see today; boozing, immoral larrikanism and complacency is an invention of the 1970s – not the traditions set before us by the founders of our country: Australia has in greater times past been about hard work, decency, good family life, national communitarianism and social politics.

The lesser known Poets, bushmen and statesmen of our past were fanatic believers in the preservation of Australia for a morally inclined national community of white, European people; Australia’s first prime minister Edmund Barton said before parliament: “We were struggling among ourselves for supremacy in a world which we thought of as destined to belong to the Aryan races and to the Christian faith ; to the letters and arts and charm of social manners which we have inherited from the best times of the past. We shall wake to find ourselves elbowed and hustled, and perhaps even thrust aside by peoples whom we looked down upon as servile, and thought of as bound always to minister to our needs. The solitary consolation will be that the changes have been inevitable.” quoting from the famous Australian Philosopher Charles H. Pearson’s book National Life and Character (1893)

The sentiment of the Australian people in the 19th century was very fair and honest. The popular question of “What is an Australian” was answered concisely on the 2nd of July 1887 in a popular newspaper called The Bulletin it reads: “By the term Australian we mean not just those who were merely born in Australia. All white men who come to these shores with a clean record and who leave behind them the memory of the class distinctions and religious differences of the Old World; all men who place the happiness of their adopted land before imperialism… Are Australians”

This belief has rightfully been the position of Australian Nativism. Although we venerate the accomplishments of our forebears, all decent white men with their interests in Australia; are Australians. And it is not right to defile the identity of your Australian ancestors to identify as anything but BanquetAustralian. Youth today, being hidden from Australian history and traditional culture find it far more attractive and easy to identity in their ancestral culture – The heritage left to us now was given in the hopes that it would better young Australians, not young English or young Irish or young Germans: Therefore we must at least attempt to revive the ancestral traditions of the Australian pioneers; from whom we owe everything we currently enjoy.

Australia’s pioneers were hard-working men and women who faced the harshest conditions imaginable: Henry Lawson a famous nationalist poet from the 19th century once wrote:

“We want the man who will lead the van,
The man who will pioneer.
We have no use for the gentleman,
Or the cheating Cheap-Jack here;
We have no room for the men who shirk
The sweat of the brow. Condemn
The men who are frightened to look for work
And funk when it looks for them.

We’ll honour the man who can’t afford
To wait for a job that suits,
But sticks a swag on his shoulders broad
And his feet in blucher boots,
And tramps away o’er the ridges far
And over the burning sand
To look for work where the stations are
In the lonely Western land.

He’ll brave the drouth and he’ll brave the rain,
And fight his sorrows down,
And help to garden the inland plain
And build the inland town;
And he’ll be found in the coming years
With a heart as firm and stout,
An honoured man with the pioneers
Who lead the people out. “

Australianism cannot be doubted to be the most romantic, idealistic cultural and political union. Our forebears struggled and fought to bring to us today a nation of history, art and decency. The 19th century which saw the gold rush also saw the first attempt at multi-racialism – Turks, Chinamen and Negroes flooded to Australia in a significant number to find wealth in the goldfields. This radical period of racial disharmony saw the creation of our national political identity:

Australians realised quickly the destructive impact that coloured labour and race-mixing can have on a nations well-being. The famous Australian Nationalist William Lane once wrote in The Boomerang that “Words cannot express our contempt and hatred for those whites who are fighting against their own kith and kin in this racial struggle. They deserve no consideration. The Chinese must go and their friends, those white traitors had better be flung out with them.” 17th March, 1888

The statesmen of our federation were all raised on the conditions of racial disharmony in which we millennial’s today are raised in. Fighting tooth and nail against coloured foreigners for entry-level jobs, walking amongst foreigners – feeling alienated in your own land. Some newspapers claimed that during the peak of the 1880s the Chinese dominated many industries in Victoria; most notably the furniture industry. Australian history then; is nothing but a reflection of the same racial conditions we face today. Henry Parkes, sometimes called “The Father of Australia” wrote “For a generation – long before some of the men who are listening to me took any part whatever in public life – and. at all times, I have opposed the introduction of Chinese upon these, as I conceive, national, foundersand to a large extent, philosophical grounds. I maintain that in a country like New South Wales it is our duty to preserve the type of the British nation, and that we ought not, for any consideration whatever, to admit any element that would detract from, or in any appreciable degree lower, that admirable type of nationality. ” Parkes and his fellow crusaders for federation sought to create a single, controllable border to defend Australia’s soil from the coloured hordes; previously it had been compromised by loose borders in South Australia and Queensland.

His fellow parliamentarians had a wide array of comments regarding the race question. James C. Stewart a Labor parliamentarian said in 1901:

“We have coloured people in every State, or about 100,000 in all Australia. They are coming into Western Australia in large numbers ; they are in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland, and I believe there are a few in Tasmania. Given the necessary opportunity, in the course of events we shall have a coloured problem here just as dangerous to the welfare of the Commonwealth as is the position which faces the people of the United States.

We do not desire to keep out these coloured people simply because they are inferior to us, but because for racial, social and economic reasons we cannot permit them safely to enter. With regards to race, we cannot mix with them. There is no natural affinity between them and us. If an attempt were made to confide them and us within one bottle, so to speak, one or the other must be precipitated to the bottom. A compacted homogenous community cannot be formed out of such heterogenous compounds. The thing ought not to be attempted, because it is. absolutely impossible.

With regards to the social aspect of the question, these people are brought up under institutions entirely different from ours. Their religion, position and customs are different;

I should be a traitor to my country, to my race and to those of our ancestors who have conferred benefits upon us, if I were a party to anything which would allow these Asiatics to come here and destroy at one fell swoop all the efforts of centuries. For these reasons I think, we are all agreed that the coloured man must be kept out, whether he is Japanese, a Chinaman or an African.

This is really a matter of life and death to the Australian people.”

James Stewart had indeed compiled the sentiment of the Australian Labor Party; Despite common knowledge the A.L.P were the absolute forerunners of Australianism; founded by William Spence a Presbyterian working man the A.L.P had in its constitutional platform an absolute commitment to the institution and protection of a White Australia. Spence is recorded to have said “The white races should come to a common understanding; and present a united front to its potential enemies. We say that the policy of a White Australia is worth defending: and we are prepared to defend it.”

William Spence was also the founder of the Australian Workers Union; and using both these organisations he was instrumental in establishing a White Australia. Working men would be kept free from the competition of cheap coloured labour and too would their communities be kept homogeneous: identity and belonging ensured. Australia’s early period too saw the creation of the ANA Melbourne Rally“Australian Natives Association” a large fraternal society stretching across the nation for the benefit of its White Australian membership: The A.N.A as it’s often called was a benchmark in Australian high culture; it sponsored friendly societies ( welfare without the state ) and fostered a course of moral and social development for its membership. It is estimated that at the turn of the 20th century more than 30% of Australians were members of fraternal/friendly societies including the A.N.A

The Australian Natives Association with its large and wholesome membership was instrumental in keeping a high degree of pressure on politicians to maintain the White Australia Policy all through the first half of the 20th century; in fact many of Australia’s most popular soldiers and statesmen were members of the A.N.A.

ANA Banner

The Fraternal Organisation of the White Working Man

The people of Australia, not just the statesmen and philosophers have always been firm nationalists. 1860-1861 saw a period of racial uprising in the rural NSW region around Young and Lambing Flat. Known as the “Lambing Flat Riots” a working man’s revolution took place to drive the Chinese off the goldfields, hoisting the “Lambing’s Flag” the men decided to take direct action to the establishment of a White Australia. The Lambing’s Flag today, minus a single star in honour is the symbol of the Eureka Youth movement.


The thoughts and ideals of the people and the statesmen were one: A White Australia is worth fighting for. This however is never enough; during the early decades of the 20th century communists and fervent capitalists had combined forces to abolish White Australia for social disharmony and cheap labour. Arthur Calwell, a Labor minister and once leader of the A.L.P wrote in his famous essay Danger for Australia

“The ultra-conservatives and land-barons would like vast pools of near-slave labor to make them richer; the Communists wish to bring about any condition of strife, poverty and mistrust in the community which would make good government more difficult, and therefore their struggle towards power easier.

The Communists base their appeals on the sympathy Australians feel for the poor and oppressed in backward countries. They preach equality, but Ignore the fact that equality does not necessarily mean similarity, or the ability to live and work together. They talk cynically of relief and new opportunities for the suffering people of Asian lands, when they know very well that whatever small number of the needy millions could possibly be taken into Australia would have no significant effect on the Asian problem. They plead that these people should be offered a better life, when there is evidence all over the world to prove that the introduction of large numbers of Asians into European communities inevitably offers them nothing but frustration and new sorts of misery.

In this particular matter, the super-capitalists are even less honest than the Communists. If they used the Communist arguments, or any direct arguments at all, their motives would be so obvious that the only public response would be an outburst of astonished laughter at their audacity.”


Lambing’s Flat Rebellion 1860-1861

Despite all the blood and toil spilled over the removal of the coloured races; the enemies of Australian working families continued to tinker away at finding ways to open the floodgates to non-european migrants: As Calwell said Communists did it for political gain and Capitalists for cheap profits. Had no history taught them the harsh reality of multi-racialism? Does not common sense teach that a nation cannot exist across the divisions of race and far-distant culture.

Jack Lang

Arthur Calwell was fortunately not the only defender of the White Australian heritage; he too was complimented by the Labour Premier of NSW, Jack Lang who wrote in his article White Australia saved Australia:

“White Australia must not be regarded as a mere political shibboleth. It was Australia’s Magna Carta. Without that policy, this country would have been lost long ere this. It would have been engulfed in an Asian tidal wave. There would have been no need for the Japanese to invade this country. We would have been swallowed up by the rolling advance of a horde of colored people, anxious to escape the privations of their own countries and prepared to impose their own standards on this country”

There can be no question whatsoever that White Australia has always been a fundamental bone in the skeleton of Australianism. Too however we must not forget the economic worldview of the founders of our great nation. Australia saw to the creation of what has been called “The Working Man’s paradise” interestingly that name is also the title of a book written by William Lane.

Australia codified its economic worldview in what is known as The Full Employment White Paper in mum and babywhich the entire economic model of Australia would be geared to ensure every working man would have secure employment in which he could support at minimum a wife and three children in his own home. Australian Economics as it is called took the best of both worlds from market economics and social welfare – Keynes had an influential effect on Australian economists and our Commonwealth bank was established as a state institution to provide cheap loans to Australian workers and industry to maximise our employment and national stability: Contrasting to today; Australians have always preferred industrial protection when compared to cheap consumer prices ( which the Free-traders of today so fetishise. )

Australia always used tariffs for revenue and protection; how perfect is the import tariff: An in-direct taxation that promotes local industry and can permit the funding of schools and social welfare.

Young MenThe Australian Natives association today is the spiritual guide to the Eureka Youth League; and to honour our forebears we will construct a nation-wide alliance of nativist fraternal organisations.

Young Nationalists I IMPLORE you to dig into Australian history; You cannot be an Australian Nationalist and live off American and European alt-right politics ; Honour your ancestors; take up the shield and banner of the Australian founders and advance the cause of a White, morally inclined national community: A White Australia.

Listen not to the swindlers; God forbid our movement falls to the vacuum of cancerous Americanism. Our movement is rooted in our people; our straight-thinking, family oriented, racially idealist Australian people.



Seppoes and Germanophiles must stop and learn!

White Australia

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A White Australia

Australian Young Nationalism stands at a crossroads; Do we take up the banner and traditions of the men preceding us, or do we travel down the road to Americanistic “popular nationalism” filled with sodomites, race mixers and MGTOW-Feminist cancer lancers.

Although it can be fun, and perhaps even addicting to indulge in the American culture and political war, it should be self evident their “Alt-right” or “Nationalist” community is fragmented into hundreds of useless little bandcamps that are constantly popping up and being slaughtered every other day; primarily due to the following reasons:

  1. Their leadership is debased, untrustworthy and weak in leadership
  2. Their leadership is emotionally overwhelmed and autistic about defending esoteric causes
  3. Their membership cannot trust men who are intellectually dishonest and morally debauched.

Australia on the other hand; as stated in my previous article “Australia’s cultural harmony” – Australia’s nationalist leadership whist lesser known to the public is primarily composed of good, straight-thinking, often married men who do not indulge in the moral depravity of their American counterparts.

Anglin the race mixer and Weev the Jew who cooperate in a bloodbath with Sinead McCarthy, Matt Forney, Roosh V and a string of immoral blasphemers, fornicators, wife beaters and race mixers create the most toxic, un-inviting and uncooperative nationalist scene in almost any country we’ve studied.

Australia however; split on a few moral and economic issues are more than willing to cooperate, stay friendly and keep out the kind of decadence which seems to flourish so easily in the American “alt-right” – We must keep it this way; our movement will only flourish if it is lead by chiefs of good, trustworthy moral character who are willing to see the bigger picture “A White Australia” issues of religiosity, economics and such may be left aside to the extent that we do not permit men of low moral character into the leadership or positions of influence in the movement.

Want to see what tolerance does? Look at the American alt-right for a shining example of unity, peace and cooperation.

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Recent months have seen an enormous acceleration of social disharmony in the United States; and by extension some Australian circles of political thought have been shrouded in anger and conflict over the issue of gender roles and sexual relations.


Australia, unlike the United States: has for many years maintained an alternative right without without any large degree of homosexuality, feminism or misogyny. This ultimately has kept our membership free of many of the social ills which we can observe in the United States today.

The “right-wing paganism” of Sinead McCarthy and many others pitted against the ridiculous “mens rights activism” of Roosh V, Weev, Matt Forney and many others has ultimately resulted in an enormous division between White, nationalistic youth in the United States. Men hate women, and women are learning quickly to hate men too – What a tragedy for the wellbeing of the White American nation.

coupleAustralian Nationalism on the other hand; has maintained a large degree of social cohesion between men and women. Traditional Christian thinking is dominant here; and it has maintained a well-wedded nationalist community – in which most of the leadership to this day maintain strong marriages and keep honest, un-debauched lives which plague the reputation and legitimacy of American nationalists.

This post was made in an effort to steer younger Australian nationalists away from the toxicity that lives in the culture wars in the United States; it is easy to be exposed and inundated by it here in Australia – but we aught to maintain the traditional order of social cohesion that has kept us pure for many years.

Men should not be advocating a barbaric form of coverture in which women are to be deemed property, and in which rape and premarital fornication are seen as minor issues of property rights. Women should not be advocating for gender equality & meritocracy: they should keep their scripturally defined role as submissive and chaste wives.

The ultimate tool of our enemy is divide and conquer; and why should we burn bridges with the opposite sex because we want to fulfil our own indulgences? Men should seek honest fatherhood and dominion over his family home. Not race-mixing, fornication and drugs! Women should seek honest and compassionate motherhood in subjection to their husband. Not ‘equality’, ‘boozing’ and Hellenic feminism!

In the coming months and years it will be very important to maintain Australian standards of cultural nationalism, and not import the divisive and toxic culture wars which have torn the American nationalist scene in half.

Australian Nationalism today is dominated by morally; straight thinking white males interested in the well-being of our nation, community and race: It must stay this way! – woe the day in which sodomites, feminists and MGTOW’s destroy the social cohesion of our movement!

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“The descendants of the convicts in Australia should inspire in us nothing but a feeling of supreme indifference.

If their vitality is not strong enough to enable them to increase at a rate proportionate to the size of the territories they occupy, that is their own look-out, and it is no use their appealing to us for help. For my own part, I have no objection at all to seeing the surplus populations of prolific Asia being drawn, as to a magnet, to their empty spaces. Let them all work out their own salvation! And let me repeat – it is nothing to do with us.”

February 7 1945. (Hitler’s Testament)

As Witnessed by
Dr. Joseph Goebbels,
Martin Bormann,
General Wilhelm Burgdorf,
and General Hans Krebs.


  • Kershaw, Ian (2008). Hitler: A Biography. New York: W. W. Norton & Company. ISBN 978-0-393-06757-6. Page 950
  • ; Page 19

Adolf Hitler: A hero for Germany, not for Australia.

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Alfred Deakin regarding hysteria about anti-semitism in Russia. 9th November 1905

I hesitate to believe that such incredible atrocities as have been reported can have been perpetrated by any Christian people. The state of affairs in Russia is, at the present time, so chaotic that I suspect that the means of obtaining intelligence as to what is proceeding there is even less trustworthy than usual. Therefore, until satisfied of the substantial truth of the statements which have been made, we might, by carrying such a resolution as the honorable and learned member has referred to, place an undeserved imputation upon a great people who are in the throes of profound political and social change.

I am sure that the whole Australian community wishes well to the Russian people in their struggles for constitutional liberty and freedom, and that the civilized world would join in reprobation of such horrible outrages as have been reported in the columns of the press. If the newspaper statements are established on some foundation making them sufficiently credible,I shall be prepared to consider whether anything said or done in Australia will help to bring to bear upon those who have been guilty of these fearful offences, the whole weight of civilized public opinion throughout the world.

Givens, Henry

Henry Thomas Givens regarding the Jewish control over South Africa

The war in South Africa was undertaken ostensibly for the purpose of securing the rights of the Uitlanders – for securing the franchise for the British subjects there resident.

Whether that object is likely to be accomplished remains to be seen, but up to the present that has not been the result; because in the Transvaal no individual has the right to the franchise, nor does there seem to be any probability of the right being extended in the near future.

Present events appear to confirm my belief that the war was undertaken merely in the interests of mining magnates, and not in the interests of the British people – that it was undertaken in order to satisfy the cupidity and greed of mining speculators, who are not even our own fellowcitizens, but in many instances are continental Jews – men who do not care a straw for the prosperity, well-being, or advancement, and progress of the British race, and are only concerned about their own miserable, dirty profits.


Francis Foster regarding Public Borrowing, 2nd July 1909

I am proud of the Commonwealth Parliament, because it has pronounced against public borrowing. I have told the people that they need never be afraid that this Parliament will increase the public debt by borrowing from the German Jews of London’, pawning the country’s inheritance. But now I see it mooted in the press, and I hear whispers to the effect, that this Government is preparing to borrow.


Ernest Carr

This is indeed high finance; I never heard anything like it. An honorable member asks if I still say the officials are not business men. They can be business men without being absolute Jews.


William Archibald

The honorable member is arguing like a Petticoat Lane Jew.

Frank Tudor

Frank Tudor

No doubt the honorable member is a good authority on Petticoat Lane, and on Jews also. He looks as wise as an owl, but is as simple as a kewpie.


Henry ‘Jo’ Gullet


The arrival of additional Jews is nothing less than the beginning of a national tragedy and a piece of the grossest deception of Parliament and the people by the Minister for Immigration. We should remember that they are European neither by race standards, nor culture. They are, in fact, an Eastern people. In 2000 years no one but Britain has been successfully able to absorb them, and for the most, they owe loyalty and allegiance to none.

Before Parliament 1947

Honourable Henry ‘Jo’ Gullett. AM, MC

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Sydney Revival

The purpose of life is to struggle as hard as you can for what you believe in, and enjoy the struggle.
George L. Rockwell

National Socialism is a very powerful political idealism, its origins are dubious – and its ideals too are hard to pin down. We will strive to understand National Socialism today through the lens of the ever famous George Lincoln Rockwell.

Rockwell made the argument that National Socialism was the understanding that society should be structured around the well-being of Nations, and that society should be structured upon unchanging naturally occurring laws of order and practice: We absolutely agree with this sentiment.

National Socialist symbolism, both in history and to this day – has been laden with the Swastika ; now this isn’t specifically a ~Germanic~ symbol; it’s frequently found in other indo-european cultures – but regardless of that: In the mind of history, the swastika is firmly a German Nationalist symbol; ownership of the swastika being rightfully earned with the blood spilled for it in the second world war.

white ausThe Eureka Youth League does not self-identify as “National Socialist” for a few reasons.  First and foremost; we believe in Australianism, an ideology that pre-dates National Socialism by more than 40 years. Whilst Adolf Hitler was still a baby in his crib, the founding statesmen of Australia were instituting the pillars of a White man’s working democracy. We have a vast and glorious history of racially motivated national politics in this country and have no need to source our inspiration from the European continent.

Flags copyAustralianist movements like the Eureka Youth League have no need to take advantage of the Swastika. Although for marketing purposes it is a very powerful symbol; as confessed by George L Rockwell. The Swastika is not an Australian symbol, the Eureka Youth League believes in the native-born nationalist symbols forged in blood and toil by OUR forefathers.

Foremost is our flag; The Lambing’s Flat flag – historically branded with the slogan “Roll up – No Chinese” this is a flag that contains the Christian cross of St. Andrew, the Southern Cross and gloriously: the heritage of successfully driving the colored races off the gold-fields and eventually out of Australia.

The Eureka Youth League and its supporters would like to extend our hand to the other groups of Racially Nationalist sentiment across the continent, for ultimately our goals are one: But we will never forget out utmost loyalty to the Australian struggle, forged in the battles and trials of our pioneers in the middle of the 19th century – right through to the genuine nationalists of 2017 who toil for the restoration and preservation of a White Australia.


Lambings Flat

The Lambings Flat Rebellion 1860-1861

We were struggling among ourselves for supremacy in a world which we thought of as destined to belong to the Aryan races and to the Christian faith; to the letters and arts and charm of social manners which we have inherited from the best times of the past. We shall wake to find ourselves elbowed and hustled, and perhaps even thrust aside by peoples whom we looked down upon as servile, and thought of as bound always to minister to our needs. The solitary consolation will be that the changes have been inevitable.

Is that not something to guard against ? I do not pretend to say that there is any immediate danger of that kind, but unless we are careful dangers of that kind are inevitable as time goes on. I do not want to exaggerate them in any way. I do not want to pretend that unless we pass this Bill today we shall have these people coming in in such volume as to overflow and throng our marts, our fields, and all places of our industry. But it is enough that if we do not take action and take it speedily, both the commercial and industrial difficulties of this kind of labour will be growing tendencies which we shall one day repent our not having checked. These are not new opinions of mine ; I have expressed them over and over again, and hold them as strongly, and I think even more strongly, with reference to the prevention of certain Asiatic influxes, as I did when a youth.

Prime Minister Edmund Barton.
Addressing the First Australian Parliament 1901

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Based upon a book called “The Authoritarian Personality” published in 1950 by a team of anti-western Jews ( Theodor W. Adorno, Else Frenkel-Brunswik, Daniel Levinson, Nevitt Sanford ) ; this book lists and details a set of unique qualities to the western man that uphold a combination of political, social, economic and cultural values that equate to the traditional Western Social and Political order.

If any man is to invest time into developing his character; he should aim generally towards these traits.

Conventionalism ; The belief in self-established, unconditional and objective societal conventions for the structure of society. For a m76c4ca53aba56684043e2ec308d6a954an this means belief in family gender roles, not just the domestic duty of the wife – but the natural duties of the man! No  hypocritical Husband will bear a healthy family. 

Authoritarianism ; The desire for the forceful, direct or indirect suppression of all threats to the natural/established order. For a man this means protecting your family by force, This means weeding out bad personality behaviors within the family through means of reasonable discipline. ( absolutely not outright abuse )

Anti-Intellectualism ; A hostility towards and mistrust of intellect, intellectuals, and intellectual pursuits; this referring to the University-bred elitist vermin who experiment with hyper-idealist belief systems that oppose Functionalism and Christianity at a base level. For a man this means producing an atmosphere of thinking and organising in the family that doesn’t lean on broken marxist dogmas.

Anti-Intraception An extention of Anti-Intellectualism, defined by Oxford as “A dislike of subjectivity and imagination. ” In our circumstance its reference to the dislike of imaginative lies like the existence of 76 Genders, Racial Equality, Gender Equality – all un-natural man-made : subjectively established beliefs. – For a man this means having a pragmatic family; Not using hyper-idealistic ( often marxist ) worldviews to establish duties and order.

Superstition ; Belief in external objective law and morality. Superstition is a good way for Jewish authors of this book to demean the dominant religion of our people: Christianity. For men this means religiosity; visible religiosity, establish dinner with your family with a prayer, make it so evident that you are obeying objective morality that your family will never mistrust you as a hypocrite; they can have faith in you – as you lead them to the Lord.

LeePower and “toughness” ; An extension of authoritarianism but on a personal level; valuing the sense of firmness and stability in life – Something all husbands must have if women are to feel secure with you. If a woman thinks you’re a big crybaby that cant handle the weight of the world; how is she going to expect you to protect her from the world?

Cynicism ; Cynicism is a general distrust of other people; in Politics this means cabals, foreigners and vested interests. For a man this is an important value; For security and comfort of the family a man must be very cynical with the presence of other people, particularly men and women of low moral character.

Projectivity ; Asserting authority and dominance over your family and community. The opposite of this is virtue-signalling how weak, tolerant and passive you are. A Projective, Authoritarian male strikes fear into all his enemies just by virtue of his own confidence. A Projective and loving husband makes a family feel safe and orderly. There’s no question of who is the head of the household, Who is the protector and who establishes the natural order; Do not confuse this for abuse, You can be projective without beating your wife you idiots!

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Nationalism in our new century has been held back significantly on many questions; and among those of most significance is the question of race; many struggle to understand why race is actually a fundamental variable in the structure and form of society.

Race: as defined by gsuburbs-gardening-happy-family-wmkeneral demographic groups differentiated by genealogy affects the median IQ, Physical characteristics and heritage of a person, and these three factors play significant roles in determining the nature of society and the individuals within it.

Richard Lynn’s controversial 2006 book “Race Differences in Intelligence” performed a compilation of IQ testing for over 813,778 individuals of different racial and ethnic backgrounds, this long-term study found that an individuals IQ could be closely correlated with their race; these studies often find criticism on the grounds of socio-economic status: Left-wing agitators will proclaim that the studies are wrong because “Negroes score badly because they’re so poor” – the studies in reality reveal that Asiatics, who often live in destitute poverty still have a much higher median IQ than those of first-world, well fed and educated white people.

It is self evident that a society of people of higher IQ’s will contain more scientific, social, cultural and artistic advancement than those of a lower IQ; too will they be able to organise society in such a structure that they achieve maximum cohesion and economic progress. Australia aught to avoid importing those who are: on average, of a significantly lower IQ for such important reasons.


Physical characteristics also play a significant role in the constitution of the Australian society: Although race includes different skeletal structures, muscle mass and other various physical traits: the most significant and obvious difference is the colour of skin. Yes, Skin colour does matter!

Western, often democratic nations were established on the base premise that there would be a strong sense of civic duty; that the sense of identity and belonging in nations would be so firm that we would see our neighbors and towns as an extension of our own families: this sentiment was implicit; and was always presumed to be the norm. Multi-racialism has destroyed such utopian ideals, no quantity of propaganda can produce a common sense of identity between blacks and whites. Propaganda cannot create a sense of belonging between people who by their birth belong to different races!

8f6a1a3872e3b970649d744cd513a131No “Australian Citizenship Card” can unify all races, cultures and religions seamlessly. It is a fact of nature that people, even babies as suggested by a U.S Study : have a natural sense of belonging to other members of their own race as selected by racial characteristics. Community and multi-racialism cannot exist simultaneously, If you want a society that has a high sense of belonging and civic duty, you cannot permit the homogeneity of the community to be shattered by foreign races that can be distinguished by appearance.

Heritage; whilst an important factor is less of a visible influence on the sense of community identity: Societies with mixed heritages in almost all circumstances a cause for more atomisation and less belonging: A singular White Australian identity was promoted in order to abolish the conflicts of the old-world ethnicities: A White Australia tries at all ends to silence the conflicts between English and Irish and Scots and everyone else to maximise community sentiment; A single ethnic identity can be produced if you all share the same physical characteristics as defined by race. You cannot assimilate peoples of another race as they are physically different and distinguishable as aliens to the members of the community.

Conclusively; Race is very important and fundamental to the order of society because we know that racial IQ differences make an enormous contribution to the material advancement and organisation of the nation: IQ and race for the moment cannot be separated by any kind of empirical study. We know physical differences as extreme as skin colour can lead to the dissolution of community identity and belonging and can lead down the road of balkanisation of any country. Societies of mixed heritage can only be assimilated if they share the same racial characteristics; as those of other races are easily identified as aliens by those of the community.


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Australia stands on her toes with a sharp blade to her throat. Compromise on the issue of race for much longer will lead to the death of her body; Too the defilement of the heritage and identity she so wished to bestow upon her children.

The face of dissapointmentThe Eureka Youth League; more than just a network of Young Australian Nationalists – is the central anchor for our generation; the anchor that says No More to racial compromise; We say no more to race-mixing,  globalism and atomisation of the Australian youth.

With the decades to come from today; the older generations, radically anchored to neo-globalist liberalism will die out, their control over society will fade and dwindle, leaving only the radically polarised younger generations – To the learned man, all he must do is look and compare the youth movements of the two, so called “mainstream” parties to see the future.

The Young Liberal movement is  a refuge for globalist materialistic atheists; The sort that will go red in the face and screetch and squeel over the issues of free trade vs protectionism. The sort that argues ‘True Western’ ideals are those that protect the liberty of sodomites and perverts. Young Liberals will consider you “Solid” if you aren’t communist-lite. I’m sure there’s lots of Solid faggots in the Young Liberal Movement.


The Young Labor movement has been wholesale overrun by Communist-globalists. From Sodomites to Feminists ; it seems clear there is no bastion of Labor tradition in the Young Labor movement. Obsessed with fighting the culture war and abolishing any last bastion of White Christian Australia.Flags copy

The Eureka Youth League however, growing in numbers and organisation strength across the country offers a true hope for straight-thinking Australians of a younger age. We’re not going to fight by the teeth over issues of Economics or Party Politics – We’re an autonomous organisation for bringing together in cooperation, Young, Morally inclined White Australians.

The Eureka Youth League will never capitulate on the issue of race; it – like the Australian tradition: is in our very DNA.

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