The Young Nativist Manifesto

Young, White Australians today live in a sea of aliens, debauchery and isolation: Living separate from the culture, traditions and institutions of the Australian founders.

Aliens: Young, White Australians who are native to the soil find themselves surrounded and in some cases completely inundated by the surplus population of coloured nations; We have lost the capacity to have a real sense of community and sense of common belonging with our own kith and kindred. We believe that community life can only be fostered in the circumstances in which people share a similar heritage, similar culture, similar appearance and similar outlook on life. ‘To each his own’ and ‘Live and let live’ are instruments for tolerance, but not the advancement of community.

The Eureka Youth League believes in advancing the cause of homogeneity, We want a White, monocultural, anglophone country built fundamentally on the traditional Christian worldview of family living, community and charity.

Debauchery: Young, White Australians have been raised in an overwhelmingly Godless society in which self-indulgence is the highest end of all institutions and paths in life. Alcoholism, Drug use and Sexual immorality have all sprung forth and spread through the lives of all young Australians spitting poison into the well of all our families, friends and institutions. We believe that duty to God, family and nation are the fundamental reasons for living, Self-indulgence being of secondary importance – a society of selfish individuals only seeking their own pleasure leads to the kind of filth and evil we see today.

The Eureka Youth League believes in advancing the cause of natural duty and temperance, We want our Young Australian brothers and sisters to know the duty they naturally inherit as being children of the lost Australian people who had once fought, toiled and died to establish standards of national, family and religious life which we as Nativists wish to revive.

Isolation: The international financial system in which we are arrested has advanced the cause of isolation; The institutions of neo-liberalism have atomised every young White Australian: Pitted us against each-other for financial and indulgent causes; it has beaten any sense of community out of us and thrusted us into the metropolis of strangers and competitors.  We believe fundamentally that humans are social creatures and should exist as members of a tribe, community and nation Рbeing atomised into radical individualism is harmful not only to the advancement of our nation but to our very mental health.

The Eureka Youth League believes in nurturing and defending fraternal organisations for young White Australians; this is our primary strategic plan for equipping young white Australians to advance the causes of Australian native politics, life and religiosity by maintaining a sense of community between members and seeing to the moral and emotional well-being of its membership.

Revival of the traditions and institutions: The enemy has either killed our institutions  ( see the Australian Natives Association ) or it has occupied and corrupted them ( see the Australian Workers Union )  РThe enemy continue to wage a radical culture war; staring during the 1970s-1980s: The wholesale degeneration of Australian culture into an apolitical, colour-blind, cosmopolitan larryikanism ; Where Alcoholism, Atheism and Feminism are benchmarks. We believe in re-discovering our lost Australian institutions and traditions; reviving them wherever possible and advocating for them where practical.

Nativism, Our Platform: Australia is a European construct, Only White, European men can be native to it. We believe that Australia’s multi-century history as a pioneering, isolated nation resulted in the creation of a distinct and unique Australian culture, political ideology ( which we call Australianism ) and general worldview. We believe there are potential lessons to be learned from the political movements of other nations; but fundamentally we believe that Australianism is the ideal political ideal system which was fought for and developed by the Australian forefathers in the circumstances of Australia and the Australian people.

We do not brandish a swastika, Fasces or Sunwheel; These symbols are not native to the Australian soil and circumstance; We believe in the Australian struggle and our symbolism in Eureka, Lambing Flat, Clunes, Buckland River and Federation. We fundamentally believe it is a betrayal of our forefathers to wholesale adopt the political ideals and symbolism of a foreign movement.

Would Hitler be offended if all his German descendants flew a Eureka flag over Berlin? I’d say so – To this end it would be an offence to William Spence, Edmund Barton, Henry Lawson and Percy Stephensen to fly a Swastika over Parliament House. Different nations have different ideals, culture and politics – Nativism is the preservation of politics, culture and ideals native to Australia: We happen to believe Australianism is a very fair political outlook; and we will be sure to write more about it in the coming months.


Young, White Australians who we now know as Young Natives: are under attack; both racially and morally: We must stand united as members of a nation-wide fraternal organisation that will see to the advancement of our interests. We are not exclusively a political organisation, We are a fraternal organisation with our primary goal in defending the lives and character of Young Natives so they might go on to advance the cause of Nativism in every strata of Australian society.

We accept members of all walks of life so long as they maintain a dedication to building their own character, ridding themselves of debauchery and seeing to the health and benefit of their fellow fraternal member through the advancement of charity, native politics and community living.

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